Get a Jump on the Holiday Season! Holiday Prep Tip # 1: Children's Cookbook

Get a Jump on the Holiday Season! Holiday Prep Tip # 1: Children's Cookbook

In our house, it’s never too early to start getting ready for all the things the Holiday Rush entails. It usually starts with gift ideas and lists, then we start making those ideas a reality. If you have been following our Cooking With Kids blog series, you will have made several recipes and hopefully made some fun memories doing it and with school supplies going on sale after the start of the school year, this is the time to buy binders and sheet dividers to make a gift cookbook with all those recipes and memories you made. These make great gifts for grandparents , aunties , uncles, god parents, or anyone that loves your kids. It’s also a gift you can build on every year by adding new recipes and pictures of your cooking adventures together. I even made one for my adult children with all of their favorite recipes I made for them when they were kids (including some holiday favorites that had previously not been written down anywhere). Now, I give them a set of recipes to add to their binders every year.

These recipe books can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. To get started, all you need is standard three-ring binder, and some sheet dividers with tabs. 

Typically, my process for building a recipe binder is simple… If you haven’t been taking pictures while doing recipes with your kids, try to start. Just simple selfies or pictures of the food are great because these will add a fun touch to the finished product and serve as conversation starters when they look at the pictures later on. Now is also the time to start  typing or handwriting those recipes. If your child is old enough to write they can help write out the recipe (this is always a popular thing to look back on now that my kids are adults and have kids of their own).  Have your kids write a short recipe every year and then you can type the rest if writing isn’t something they do well yet.  Some recipes I had my kids draw a picture to go with your other snapshots we may have taken during the making of a particular recipe. I always made a  brief  note about my child with a recipe each year to commemorate the making of the recipe ( it was often something funny that happened). Don’t forget to note how old they were and what grade they were in when you guys made a recipe too, it's another fun fact that the recipients of the cookbook enjoy year to year.  

These simple yet deeply meaningful cookbooks have become a favorite part of our family traditions and now include the new members of our family, making them all the more special and diverse. We would love to hear from you and see your creations so please leave us a note in the comments section. 

Happy Cooking!

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