Cooking With Kids: Recipe 1- Parfaits

Cooking With Kids: Recipe 1- Parfaits

 Now that Summer is here, it is the ideal time to discover new recipes to make with kids! This series is about easy, fun recipes to make while the kiddos are off school. When cooking with younger children, I try to think of ideas that are semi homemade and have all the ingredients ready to go so it will be less stressful and more fun. This first recipe is for Fruit Yogurt Parfaits:

  • A carton of yogurt in your favorite Flavor
  • Clear Plastic Cups
  • Fresh Fruit of your choice
  • A can of spray whipped cream
  • Sprinkles 
  • Choose one Fancy Topping: Cherries, cookies, or favorite candy. 

Steps for Assembly:

  • First, I place all of the ingredients in bowls and place them in an assembly line style. 
  • Next, we start with layering the ingredients in any order they want except for the very fancy top (Fancy tops are added after chilling). 
  • After layering all your  ingredients for the base,  pop it in the refrigerator to chill for about an hour or until you are ready to serve them. 
  • When you are ready to serve the parfit,  top with the canned whipped cream and add your sprinkles and fancy toppings.

**Fun Tip**: If you want to add an extra layer of fun, add this activity while you are waiting for your parfait creations to chill:’Snowflake Placemats’. This is simply making a snowflake/doily for our fancy parfaits to sit on. Here is how I usually make our ‘Snowflake Placemats’:

       I use a 6x6 square sheet of paper of any color to cut  the  snowflake/doily out of. I let the kids fold the paper like they want to make their doily; making sure they have a fold and do not cut through the fold. One thing that helps is to have them draw out the lines they are going to cut (like a circle or triangle) then supervise the cutting out of the shapes. While I have gotten some fun shapes and very proud kids, I still keep several pieces of paper on hand for additional tries. (You can also google how to make a paper snowflake).

Have a budding chef on your hands? Checkout our Professor Maxwell's Junior Chef Kit.   This is a approved  S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) kit. 

 Most importantly, have fun! Let us know how it went by leaving a 'Comments' section and we would love to see pictures of your parfaits!

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