Cooking With Kids: Recipe 3-Shapely Sandwich Tray

Cooking With Kids: Recipe 3-Shapely Sandwich Tray

This Sandwich Tray is super easy and so much fun to do with kids. They can use their homemade bread and butter from recipe 2 for this or you can buy the bread already sliced. While you don't need a ton of things for this recipe, it is a good idea to get everything laid out ahead of time.

You Will Need:

A variety of cookie cutters (any size and shape)

A plastic knife for trimming

Freezer paper to use as placemat for doing your shape cutting on


Your Favorite Lunch meat

cheese slices of your choice.

A Variety of your favorite condiments such as (lettuce and pickles)

Your Homemade Bread from Recipe 2: Bread in a Bag or your favorite store bought bread. 

Here's What You Do:

Step 1: Lay down a layer of freezer paper where you will be cutting out shapes (it is thicker than parchment and can withstand the cookie cutters longer).

Step 2: Lay out the ingredients you will be cutting into shapes along with the cookie cutters (you can cut the bread into shapes too)

Step 3: Assemble your sandwiches including your condiments.

Step 4: Arrange your sandwich shapes on a tray and enjoy!.

****Fun Tip*****Make a meal of it by serving these sandwiches with a side of fruit kabobs or cut fresh veggies. You can combine all three recipes ( Parfaits, Bread in a Bag, and Shape Sandwiches) from this series for a fun family meal.

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