Tic-Tac-Toe Terrific!

Tic-Tac-Toe Terrific!

When we first ordered this game, we knew it would be fun…but we had no idea how much everyone would love it!  We need to give a shout out to the company who makes these because for every game you buy from Swooc, they plant a tree! They include a card with a QR code that shows you information about the tree your purchase planted!

 The game itself is so much more fun than just traditional Tic -Tac -Toe! We tested it out with a group of our adult friends who are teachers and made an afternoon out of it with one of our Aged and Infused mixes made with tea. 

Here are the different ways we played:

  • On a table top outside: We played our first rounds of  the game up on a table at first, and played several rounds by tossing the X’s and O’s onto the grid. It was easy and fun but gave just enough challenge without it being too hard.

  • Ground Play: When we got tired of the table top, we set up on the ground and then had the players stand a few feet away from it, then toss their bean bag pieces to the grid square they wanted. If they miss, the other player gets to go and so on until someone wins. 

  • Inside: Since it gets very hot where we live, we decided to take the fun inside and set it up on a short living room table. It didn’t damage the table and made an added element using the Conversation Cards. When someone missed they  would draw a conversation card and so on and so forth. 

The instructions that come with also detailed variations as well which were a lot of fun. We ended up coming back to this game over and over throughout the afternoon and had no trouble moving it to a new spot if it got too hot in the sun or we wanted to play on a different surface. When we were ready to pack it up, it was super simple to toss back in the case, taking all of about a minute.To Get your Tic-Tac-Toe Game CLICK HERE
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