Summer Party Activities For Stress Free Fun

Summer Party Activities For Stress Free Fun

Summer is quickly upon us, and like so many,  we always have a gathering at the end of the school year to celebrate. When I’m thinking of our summer gathering, we start with what kind of activities to have. We  like to  combine the old favorites with some of the new fun activities we have discovered throughout the year… and it usually involves lots of water. One of the tried and true favorite activities that is always a crowd pleaser is the ‘sponge war’. This year we’re using my Spongelle buffers that are out of soap since they are still really good sponges and they come in all shapes and sizes (you can also buy new sponges and cut them up).  You will  need 2 buckets filled with clean water to soak the sponges in and some tape for the ‘battle lines’ for your ’battlefield’. Depending on the age of the children is how we determine how far apart we tape the throwing lines and sometimes we model it after a small court  with a ‘safety zone’ in the middle using colorful painters tape. 

This year we have a few new favorites that everyone has loved so far and that are easy to set up and play, as well as easy to put away. For the adults, we discovered a Norwegian game called Kubb  and a super cool Putter Pong Golf Game putting green that's a lot more fun than we anticipated and brought out our competitive side. We also found a very versatile and fun  Tic,Tac,Toe Game that is great for all ages and super easy to adapt, set up, and put away. This is one of the games that can also be played inside if it’s too hot or the weather doesn't cooperate, we set it up in our living room and used our coffee table as the game board, it sounds simple but it was so much fun (and air conditioned).

We’d love to hear some of your ideas! Let us know some of your favorites for a chance to win a FREE Spongelle Buffer Sponge! Drawings will be held the last Friday of May, June, July, and August and will feature a different Spongelle buffer each time. CLICK HERE to find out which Spongelle Sponge is the gift for the month.


Let the Summer Fun Begin!

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