Girls Weekend!!

Girls Weekend!!

With Summer in full swing, we love hanging out with our friends that we don't get to see much of when the school year is in full swing so we like to plan out our Girl's Weekend to maximize our fun and minimize the kerfuffle. The following is a what we typically do, but you can tweak it any way that suits you and your group. Our itinerary starts on a Friday afternoon so that we have the rest of the weekend to hang out but this can also be worked out for a Girls Day hang out session as well if you are pressed for time. Here is what we usually do:


4:00pm- 6:00pm:

Guests arrive pick out the drink glass color they want, fill it with their drink of choice, then hang out by the pool. I also have the deck of Conversation Cards on hand for fun and to keep the conversation going in case there are ladies who don't know each other very well. They are family friendly so there won't be any awkward or embarrassing questions in there.  

Around 6:00pm:

I have pizza delivered for dinner and everyone picks out one of the Paint By Number canvases to work on when the mood strikes. We also have a movie picked out that we watch while we eat and paint. Our crowd usually goes to bed pretty early so by the time the movie is done so are we :)


8:00am to 10:00am:

We set up a Continental Breakfast with drinks and coffee for everyone to enjoy by the pool as they get up in the morning. Some people swim, some continue to paint their canvases, others just hang out and talk. Make sure everyone has sunscreen, towel, bug spray, etc. depending on what is needed in your area. We live where it is extremely hot so we have plenty of sunscreen, shaded seating, and water set up at stations throughout the yard. 

Around 12:00pm:

In our group, we usually have a couple of people who volunteer to take care of lunch, sometimes they make something, other times they order it in. The goal is a low stress and fun meal no mater which route you decide to take. 

The rest of the afternoon is pretty free form spent swimming ,painting ,reading, playing yard games (including our Step Right Up games that are like the Minute To Win it game style), and napping. I always make sure that water and other beverages of choice are readily available and we will most often graze on snacks that suit everyone's mood. Cut veggies and dip are good, fruit is also very popular. 

6 :00pm:

Dinner brings on our fan favorite 'Hamburger Challenge'.  Guests bring their 'secret ingredient' to make small burgers for everyone to taste (think Slider size baby burgers).  I have a variety of small, dinner roll size buns for everyone to choose from for their creations and have a condiment table standing by for them to deck their burgers out with. We usually use the grill for cooking off the burgers but this can also be done inside using whatever your favorite burger cooking method you prefer. Once everyone has assembled their sample burgers, we get to eat and vote for our favorites!  We vote via slips of paper and tally them up when all the votes are in. We have a trophy that gets to go home with the winner gets to keep all year until the next 'Hamburger Challenge' comes around.


We wind down the evening with another movie and break out the Girls Night Card games kit and our Dominos kit to play while we watch our movie ( we are a busy bunch so we often do more than one activity at a time). After the movie everyone is pretty ready to head to bed (unless we get really into our card games, then its likely to be an all nighter!).


8:00am to 10:00am: 

Continental Breakfast with coffee; swimming, painting, or just hanging out. During this time everyone also takes a moment to write a little positive note about each guest and then puts the note in that guests little envelope (these are usually laid out with guests name on our entry hall table so people can add to them as they write their little positive note). These envelopes are then put into the gift Tote Bags that each guest gets to take home their cups and paintings and anything else we have collected over the weekend. 


Things have wound down, everyone has typically packed by now and they begin to depart with their Tote Bags filled with Girls Weekend memories. Remind the girls as they leave to take a moment now and then to read the little positive notes left for them in their envelope in their tote.

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