Family Movie Nights

Family Movie Nights

The Wizard of Oz

We started doing movie days because we live in an area that has extreme heat that makes it dangerous to be outside, so instead of snow days we have heat days. This 'Family Movie Day' has been a favorite tradition for over 20 years now,  the only thing I insist on is no electronics during the movie. The first movie of the season is "Wizard of Oz", we watch the original version as its our favorite so the snacks are tailored to as a theme but you can tailor your movie day to any movie theme). Its a lot of fun and very easy to get going, this is what I usually do:

Set up:  I arrange the living room into movie theater by making the room as dark as possible.  I even rearrange the furniture so we have room for lounging (I have an air mattress now but when the kids were little we had inflatable little pools and the big inflatable round tubes we use in the pool). Finally, I make a sign that says ”Bell Out Of Order Please Knock”. Everyone brings their favorite pillows and blankets and I hand out red socks for "Ruby Slippers" while they set up their movie watching spot.

The Snacks:  I make little signs to put into the serving bowl of these snacks that say "Over the Rainbow", "Tin Man's Hat", "Scarecrow's Hats", "Yellow Brick Road", "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" and, of course, Grandpa's Popcorn.

  1. Fruit Kabobs(somewhere over the rainbow),
  2. Vanilla Wafer cookies (yellow brick road),
  3. Bugles Crispy Corn Snack(scarecrow hat),
  4. Hershey’s Kisses (Tin Man Heart), and
  5. Ding Dongs (ding dong the witch is dead).
  6. Grandpa Lunch bag popcorn, ( see recipe to bellow) 


You will Need:

1 brown paper lunch bag per person

1/2 c unpopped popcorn per bag

1 TBL Olive Oil per bag

Sprinkle of salt to taste per bag


1. Add ingredients directly into lunch bag and give a gentle shake.

2. Fold over the top lip of the lunch bag at least two times (we have found an extra couple of folds sometimes helps keep the bag closed during microwaving). Do not fold the bag past halfway down it's length as this may cause the bag to burst and popcorn to fly everywhere in your microwave).

3. Place folded bag with ingredients into the microwave (we set it on a paper plate to prevent oil from getting all over the microwave).

4. Microwave popcorn for about 3 minutes on high or until you hear a one second pause between pops. This is important because the popcorn can burn if it goes too long.

5. Remove popcorn bag from the microwave (CAREFUL! IT WILL BE HOT)!!!! Let it cool a minute or two before eating. It can be enjoyed directly from the bag or you can empty the bag into a bowl to eat. 


We do these movies nights as often as we feel like during the summer and have done a fun variation with friends and family where we do a movie series (We like the Harry Potter movies) and have it a themed pot luck style. It's a blast! 

Have ideas or questions? We'd love to hear from you! Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment. 

Happy Movie Watching!!


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