Easter With Adult Children

Easter With Adult Children

We live where the weather is perfect to be outside so this year we decided to host a crab boil out by the pool.  I always loved having the traditional Easter  egg hunts with my kids when they were small, but as they got older and had kids of their own, I had a hard time  keeping the hunt alive. So I had to devise ways to get my adult kids and grandkids excited about this tradition…hence the ‘ adult eggs’ were born! I filled the ‘adult eggs’  with money, gift cards and their favorite candy.  I also designated a different color egg to find so everyone would have equal ‘prizes’ (we are a competitive family). I also made a grab bag with extra activities and had everyone pick one at the beginning of the day. These  activities include everything from extra dessert  to helping out with all those little extra jobs that come up such as setting up activities or supervising games. Speaking of games,  I set up our outdoor game sets that are easy and everyone loves to do.   I Hope this helps inspire you and you have as much fun with your loved ones as I do with mine no matter what ages they are.

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I love these ideas!!! Thank you for sharing!

Dyani Chambers

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